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"The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has created a successful process for summarizing what climate science has discovered. This organization has no close parallel in other fields where science and policy interact. Its open and transparent nature, the high caliber of the people involved, and the many levels of review have led to the IPCC's current excellent reputation. The firm foundation of the IPCC report allows climate scientists to speak to humanity as wise planetary physicians. Their message is simple and persuasive. Check credentials; be suspicious of policy advocates with ulterior motives; be alert for signs of ideology and spin. And when you have a preponderance of evidence from carefully assessed, peer-reviewed scientific research, pay close attention."

"Perhaps the most important function of climate science on an issue of broad interest like global warming is to help educate the public and to provide useful input into the policy process. Governments, corporations, and individuals should listen to and learn from the science, just as intelligent people listen to their physicians when their health is in question. Good science input can inform wise policymaking. The role of scientists is to help assess the science and present it in an intelligible way that is policy relevant."

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