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Praise for the first edition of The Forgiving Air: Understanding Environmental Change

"An elegant explication of the environmental and human forces changing the atmosphere, written for non-scientists and including the history of scientific discoveries which pioneered current environmental concerns."
            -- Book News

"Aware citizens who seek authoritative information about potentially devastating atmospheric changes will find this book user-friendly, with technical definitions deftly interwoven into anecdotal descriptions."
            -- Choice

"An exceptionally accessible and current account of the greatest environmental challenges of our time,... an inside look at the process of science,... the author possesses the rare ability to communicate technical subject matter in a clear, jargon-free form,... a must-read for teachers of current topics in Earth system science."
            -- Earth Pulse News

"The Forgiving Air is a fascinating, well-written book, which nonscientists can easily understand... It could be used as a supplementary text in a college-level course on global change for nonscience majors. A helpful glossary, bibliography, and list of original sources are included."
            -- Geotimes

"This well-written, timely volume contains much illuminating information... A serious reading of this book - especially by our youth and politicians - would result in a useful intellectual guideline for recognizing needed public policies."
            -- Science Books and Film

"Somerville ... has performed a useful service by explaining these events in simple prose, with scholarly modesty about what is actually known, and interesting side remarks on the complex character of modern science and the diverse motivations of its practitioners."
            -- Foreign Affairs

"Intended for the general public and written by an atmospheric scientist, the book offers the first up-to-date scientific guide to global change."
            -- Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

"A stunningly readable little book about global change, an antidote for overwrought tracts about the ozone hole and greenhouse effect. Engaging insights."
            -- San Diego Union Tribune

"A clear authoritative overview of one of the most controversial - and important - subjects in science today. This book gets timelier by the minute."
            -- Jonathan Weiner, Pulitzer Prize winner

Early Reactions to the Second Edition

"Richard Somerville is one of the world's top climate scientists. He's also one of the clearest when it comes to explaining climate science and policy. His book is the ultimate resource for students, educators, and policy makers seeking to understand one of the most critical issues of our times."
            -- James Gustave Speth, dean of the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and author of 'The Bridge at the Edge of the World'

"An important revision to a wonderful, readable introduction to Earth's environment and our impact on it. The recent scientific advances covered in this edition underline the importance of the topic to all of us on the planet."
            -- Sally K. Ride, Ph.D., former astronaut, CEO of Sally Ride Science

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